Charitable Purposes and Powers

Objectives, Mission Statement and Guiding Principles


The company’s object is to pursue the following charitable purpose(s): 

  1. To ‘break the silence’ on child sexual assault in the Australian community
  2. To aid the healing of survivors of child sexual assault
  3. To ensure the dignity, rights and needs of survivors are prioritised  to change and evolve public perception, awareness and understanding of the impact of child sexual assault on survivors, their families and friends, and the wider community generally
  4. To support and encourage survivors of child sexual assault to report child sexual assaults and historic child sexual assaults to the police and other relevant institutions
  5. To support and encourage the facilitation, availability and accessibility of professional support services for survivors of child sexual assault
  6. To relieve the poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, destitution and helplessness which results from the traumatic impacts of child sexual assault
  7. To prevent and reduce the incidences of child sexual assault in the Australian community by implementing, facilitating or supporting prevention activities and programs including those:
  8. To disseminate relevant information (including national and international research) to the community
  9. To educate the community on the common patterns of behaviour of persons who commit child sexual assault offences
  10. To educate the community on better practices and behaviours that will reduce the occurrence of child sexual assault in the Australian community
  11. To educate, support and advocate on the reporting processes of child sexual assault and historical child sexual assault
  12. To campaign and lobby for political and judicial outcomes consistent with our objectives and to be a voice for all survivors of child sexual assault
  13. To raise the financial resources available to survivors to aid in their healing
  14. To where appropriate and beneficial, associate with and support other Australian charities and not-for-profit organizations with similar objectives to those of the company
  15. And to pursue all such other actions and do all such other things as may be deemed by us to be necessary from time to time to foster, promote and achieve the objectives of the company. 


The mission of the company is to encourage and support the reporting of current and historical child sexual abuse in the Australian community and for the elimination of child sexual assault going forward. 


Underpinning our mission and objectives are its guiding principles, being to :

  1. Educate the Australian community and improve understanding
  2. Empower people to report child sexual assaults
  3. Evolve the Australian community to make it a safer place for future generations